About Us

Graff Insurance is an independent, family owned and operated insurance agency in business since 1974.  While our agency has been in business for 36 years, our family member agents combined, have 87 years of insurance experience.  We are in this business for the "long haul" (no "musical chairs" of agents to represent you or to insure you and then leave) and we'll be here to help in every way we can, because we sincerely mean "We Work for You".   

Graff Insurance is an "independent" insurance agency in the purest form and while we are similar to most other insurance agencies that claim that status because they (and we) offer coverages through several different companies, the difference is that we are not owned by and don't have to answer to a larger parent company that owns the agency for the purpose of supplementing the parent company profits.  We aren't under any pressure to increase profits or sales to meet corporate directives that often come at the customers expense because they are sold coverages they don't need or that cost more than they should have to pay.

Through our lineup of reputable insurance companies we can provide quality, competitively priced Auto, Home, Farm, Crop - MPCI, Crop Hail, Business, Commercial Property & Liability, Workers Compensation - Bid, Performance and License Bonds, Umbrella Liability, Health, Life, Annuities and other Risk Management Products.  We can research coverages and rates with several companies in order to find the best program for you.    

We are especially proud to sponsor an additional service to farmers, Growers-Edge, without cost to them.  With its innovative "cutting edge" and pro-active approach to continually providing new and improved services, and after we've compared many other free and fee based "marketing programs", in our opinion Growers-Edge is head and shoulders above other available websites that offer those services.  And there are no annoying "popups" or advertisements.  Check out the Growers Edge tab for more information about its features.   

Our goal is to provide customers with the most complete and competitively priced insurance products to meet and provide their Risk Management needs.  When you insure with us, you can depend on the premiums we quote to be the lowest we can offer.  We are pro-active in providing coverage reviews to keep your coverage up to date and premium monitoring to assure that your rates are being kept as low as possible.  36 years of agency operation has allowed us to experience almost every kind of coverage request and claim situation imaginable, but if we can't answer your questions, we find someone who can.  Again - "We Work for You" - our greatest rewards are the friendships we make.