Keep in touch with all the latest developments in the ethanol and bio-diesel industries with Graff.  Our website will have charts, maps and tables with information relevant to you as a bio-fuels commodity provider. Customers can also expect to keep up to date with the recently approved Bio-Tech Endorsement (BE). A Country representative can show you how to effectively incorporate the cost of savings of the BE program into your risk management plan.

Decrease your crop insurance premium and increase corn yield!

Are you planting biotech corn to increase your yield? If so, as an eligible producer, you can decrease your crop insurance premium and production risk with the Biotech Endorsement (BE) when you use certain hybrid biotech seed.

This is a first-of-its-kind crop insurance product that's based upon the risk management benefits of advanced seed technologies.  The Biotech Endorsement is available with  Revenue Assurance, Crop Revenue Coverage and Multiple Peril Crop Insurance policies. 

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2009 Biotech Endorsement Program

2009 Biotech Endorsement
Eligible States